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Heritage Hog Buyers

Allison Jean Corporation /                       Round Table Pizza
Bianchi Family Limited Partnership
Filice Farms, LP
Foothill Packing
Freedom Meat Company
Guerra Cellars, LLC
Jim Bardin Ranch, LLC
Ken Wolf Tile
KV Swine
Llano, Inc.
Mesa Packing, LLC
Nino Real Estate, Inc.
Nutrien Ag Solutions
San Benito Realty, Inc.
ABK Cherry Company
Sturdy Oil Company
Steel Solutions, Inc.
C & N Tractors
Mark & Lisa Wright
Wyatt & Lacy Bourdet
George Chiala Farms, Inc.
Topflavor Farms, Inc.
Anthony’s Plumbing
Santa Maria Seeds, Inc.
Rivulis Irrigation

Earthbound Farm, LLC
Greenwood Chevrolet
El Ray Seed
JAIN Irrigation
2018 SBCF Add-on’s
CLS Bookkeeping Services
Robert & Crystel Bianchi
Shawn & Jennifer Kuchta
Dennnis & Catalina Lemos
Mike & Mary Orradre
Stanley Jamii Pura
Mitchell & Linda Wrtight
Don & Danette Perrien
Fresh Foods, Inc.
Coastal Tractor
D & K Marquez Enterprises, Inc.                dba:  Marquez Plumbing
Dobler & Sons, LLC
Christensen & Giannini, LLC
Rio Farms, LLC
Delicato Vineyards
Enza Zaden USA, Inc.
Verdegaal Heating, Inc.
Irrigation Design & Construction, LLC
US Irrigation

Martin & Lara Orradre
True Organic Products, Inc.
Brigantino Irrigation, Inc.
Jeff & Lisa Guerra
John & Marian Tobias
Tony & Cathy Alameda
James Dassel
David E. Grimes Company
L.A. Hearne Company
American AgCredit, FLCA
Paradise Electrical Services, Inc.
R Organics, LLC
R.C. Farms, LLC
Nelson Irrigation Corporation
Rajkovich Bros.
Tom Carriger Plumbing
Lonoak Realty, Inc.
Abacus Data Systems
Nino Development, Inc.
McKinnon Lumber Co, Inc.
Douglas & Janeane Williams
Chad & Michelle Lindley
True Leaf Farms, LLC
Priority Seed Production, LLC
Gonzales Irrigation Systems, Inc.
Granite Construction Company
Holaday Seed Company, Inc.

RDO Equipment Co.
M & M Farms
Tiffany Motor Company
San Felipe Farms, LP
Green Valley Farm Supply, Inc.
J & M Cattle
Mark & Amy Lema
Jason & Carolyn Noble
Randall & Rebecca Wolf
Del Sala Farmer’s Produce, Inc.
San Felipe Cattle Co, LLC
InterWest Insurance Services, LLC
Sabor Farms, LLC
Pacific Ag Rentals
Jim’s Custom Farm Services, Inc.
Big Valley Labor, LLC
Mission Ranches Company, LLC
Felice Consulting
Wright Family Farms
Lomanto Nut Shelling
Seco Packing II, LLC
Nextcrop, Inc.
Todd & Christine Morrell
Rob & Danielle Nino
Nutrien Ag Solutions
Stephen Nino
John & Kori Hitchcock

Congratulations to our past winners

 2022 Heritage Hog Recipient

2022 Heritage Hog Recipient
Christine Gastello

2021 Heritage Hog Recipient
Hannah Salinas

2019 Heritage Hog Recipient
Colby Robinson

2018 Heritage Hog Recipient

2018 Heritage Hog Recipient
Savannah Souza

 2017 Heritage Hog Recipient

2017 Heritage Hog Recipient
Ali Perry

2016 Heritage Hog Recipient
Noah Janzing


2015 Heritage Hog Recipient
Shannon Maguire


2014 Heritage Hog Recipient
Sara Nino


2013 Heritage Hog Recipient
Mary Alameda


2012 Heritage Hog Recipient
Katie Nino


2011 Heritage Hog Recipient
Reno May


2010 Heritage Hog Recipient
Alicia Liddle


2009 Heritage Hog Recipient
Bailee Nelson

Become the next Heritage Hog Recipient

The San Benito County Heritage Foundation is looking for a qualified energetic spokesperson to raise our 2021 Heritage Hog. All monies raised from the sale are invested in Bolado Park. The Heritage Foundation pays for the hog and all related expenses. The winning applicant becomes the only finalist for a $1,000 college scholarship and receives a commemorative buckle. The scholarship is awarded during their senior year of high school subject to applicant completing the following:

  • Must be responsible for the care of the Heritage Hog
  • Required to attend and speak at various community events, 4-H club meetings and FFA Chapter meetings to promote the Heritage Foundation and the use of Buyer Certificates
  • Comply with and adhere to the Heritage Hog Agreement and Scholarship Guidelines

Application deadline: June 02, 2021

Heritage Hog winner notification: June 11, 2021

For more information please contact:
Jeff Guerra (jeff@guerravineyards.com)
Phone: (831) 801-2951

Send us your contact information and
we will send you the appropriate forms